A quaint little hamlet nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is one of the exotic destinations among travellers. Labelled as Amsterdam of India, this wondrous destination is renowned for its trekking trails. For a breathtaking experience have a look at the below listed idyllic places to visit in Kasol on your next vacation-

1. Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is located just 15 minutes from Kasol. Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara lying on the banks of the Parvati river and serves as a prime pilgrim centre for Hindus and Sikhs. One can find three hot springs where one can take bath. The water in these springs contains sulphur that is capable of curing diseases. The water is hot enough to prepare food by directly placing the vessel. This food is served as langar.

Best time to visit - April to October

2. Malana Village

Malana village is a quiet ancient village beautifully located on the side of Parvati valley. This village is known for its strong culture and religious beliefs. This village is surrounded by the astounding Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani mountains. Malana village is quite famous among trekkers. The trekking route to Malana is adorned with lush deodar vegetation and also offers one view of the Malana dam. Pay a visit to the revered Jamadagni temple and the shrine of Renuka Devi, well known for the worship of gods and goddesses.

Best time to visit- Early May to August

3. Parvati River

The pristine Parvati river flows through the Parvati valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh and originates from the Man Talai Glacier, flowing North through Parvati valley and eventually flowing into the Beas river near Kullu. The flow is really dangerous and no adventure activity is allowed but yes one can sit on the rocks by this river and enjoy a great time with loved ones.

Best time to visit -March to May and October to February

4. Tosh Village

Head towards the serene Tosh village, located around 20kms from Kasol. Tosh village is a small village established at a height of 2400m above sea level along the shores of the river Tosh. Enjoy the breathtaking views on your trip to Tosh village which is one of the major highlights of Tosh village.

Best time to visit - March to June

5. Naina Bhagwati Mandir

Naina Bhagwati Mandir is a famous Hindu temple that is nestled among the Himalayan foothills and on the banks of the Parvati river. This temple is known for its wooden architecture. Pay a visit to this revered temple and stay here for an hour or two and get some spiritual rejuvenation.

Best time to visit - any season

6. Naggar Village

One of the offbeat destinations in Kasol, Naggar village is renowned for holding the beautiful Naggar castle and the revered Gauri Shankar temple. It takes almost 2 hours to reach Naggar from Kasol. On your way to this fantabulous destination witness the enchanting views that will surely allure you.

Best time to visit - April to June, November to February

7. Rasol

Rasol is a beautiful village and is established at an altitude of 10000ft above sea level. This village is mostly visited by tourists who love to explore the different corners of Rasol. The locals of this village are welcoming and are engaged in authentic rural activities like the domestication of animals and the spinning of wool. Make sure to pay a visit to the Jamdagini Rishi temple, devoted to Jamdagini Rishi, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Best time to visit - April to September, November to February

8. Chalal Village

The Isreal of Himachal Pradesh, Chalal is situated at an altitude of 5300 feet and is almost 30 minutes trek away from Kasol. Visit this place to capture the majestic views of the snow-capped mountains and marvellous pine trees. This place is best for camping. What can be as exciting as sitting under the stars, sipping a hot cup of tea, and spending time in the sheer splendour of the picturesque panorama of the grand Himalayas?

Best time to visit - April- June

9. Kheerganga

Kheerganga is lying at the end of Parvati valley and is the last inhabited village while trekking to pin valley via Pin-Parvati pass. Capture the Kheerganga’s panoramic views and that is truly a delight. A holy place Kheerganga has a hot water spring, a revered temple of lord shiva and a bathing tank. This village acts as the base camp for the Kheerganga trek and Pin Parvati trek.  

Best time to visit - April to June and September to November

10. Nature Park

Nature Park is one of the most loved and serene places in Kasol. This nature park is lined with pine trees that make way for strolling and taking a nature walk. Witnessing the Parvati river that is flowing through the park gives one a picturesque view. Visit this park and spend some peaceful time with your loved ones.

Best time to visit - any season

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