Head towards the mesmerizing Spiti valley, a place for all kinds of thrilling activities. Enjoy capturing the natural vistas through your lens and create some special and lovely memories to cherish for a lifetime. So here is the list of some exciting things to do in Spiti Valley and add these to your bucket list for a top-notch experience on a Spiti Valley trip.

1. River Rafting

2. Camping

3. Trekking

4. Buddhist Monasteries

5. Yak Safari

6. Shopping

7. Biking

8. Visit the world’s highest Post office

9. Visit the village of Giu

1. River Rafting

An absolute experience for adventure seekers, river rafting is one of the top things to do in Spiti valley. Enjoy this very adventure in the Spiti and Pin rivers, also catch the glimpse of the snowy mountains, hilltop beautiful monasteries and tranquil views around the ‘Spiti and Pin rivers. To enjoy this activity make sure to plan between July to August.

2. Camping

Just set your camps near Chandratal lake for a bewitching experience. Located peacefully amidst the foothills of the Himalayas this gorgeous lake feature towering mountains in the backdrop that creates a perfect postcard scene. The peaceful environs, the aura of the turquoise waters of the lake, and the tranquil atmosphere make it an ideal location for camping.

3. Trekking

Enjoy trekking to the mesmerizing Dhankar lake for an absolute experience. Dhankar lake is nestled above the Dhankar monastery on a cliff at 4270m. The trek commences from the valley of Dhandkar village. The trek is of one hour and is a bit challenging, but one gets to witness the breathtaking views upon reaching is truly an unmatchable experience.

4. Buddhist Monasteries

Enjoy a spiritual tour of the beautiful Buddhist monasteries and admire the pretty architecture of the monasteries and yes also the ancient murals. The key monastery, Kungri Monastery, and Kardang Monastery are some of the monasteries that truly need to be visited. Make sure to visit them in late July during the annual 3-day Chaam festival and be a part of the masked dances, and ancient rituals.

5. Yak Safari

Travel like a local on a local ride, Yak safari, and witness the natural landscape of Spiti valley. Capture the scenic vistas while enjoying the yak safari and create some wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

6. Shopping

Visiting the Spiti valley and not exploring the market area is unbearable. The market area of Kaza is truly famous for shopping. Grab some beautiful Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts, and skull sculptures painted in silver from here.

7. Biking

The winding roads of Spiti valley are truly a paradise for bikers. Kunzum pass is one of the highest motorable mountain passes in India nestled at an altitude of 4551m above sea level. There is another dangerous yet famous Baralacha pass that is quite famous among the bikers. The challenging terrain of the valley and the enticing views in the backdrop give one an impeccable experience.

8. Visit the world’s highest Post office  

Send a postcard from the world’s highest post office located in the rural area of Hikkim. The Hikkim hamlet is situated at an altitude of 4400m and lies between the villages of Komik and Langza. The locals proudly and happily give the travellers a sneak- peek into the history of the origin of this post office. Tourists visiting this post office make sure to send a postcard from this post office as a special memento to their loved ones. It is indeed one of the amazing things to do.

9. Visit the village of Giu

Head towards the Giu, a quaint village located between the Sumdo and Tabo and can be reached via a steep 8kms climb on a road that branches from NH-22. This village has a shrine that has a 500-year-old dead body, a mummy and is said to be of the meditating lama. This place is one of the most famous places among visitors. The opening hours of this shrine are from 8 am to 5 pm.

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